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Powerful and easy to use bulk SMS platform

Bulk SMS Redefined

Connect with millions within seconds. Effectively plan and send personalised messages and regional language texts.

SMS Attachments

Option to attach files with messages! Insert Docs, PDFs, JPG, spreadsheets and more.

Track Campaign Metrics

Keep track of your SMS marketing and advertising campaigns. Get reports of all clicks on the links sent via SMS.

Receive Instant SMS

Let your customer reach out to you in easy and effective way using the long/short codes.

SMS the way you like

Multiple Methods to choose from including Online Interface, APIs, Excel, Emails, mobile apps etc.

Business Friendly

We provide multiple accounts, Option to manage roles, read only templates, audit tracking, custom-made services & more.

Our Achievement

Bulk SMS System provides inventive solutions for Bulk SMS(Short Message Service), Brief Code SMS provider, Long Code SMS Supplier, Bulk Voice Calls, Hosted IVR, Mobile Marketing, Miss Call Solution, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Receptionist, International Bulk SMS and Mobile Application Development across INDIA, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Our vision and philosophy is to deliver high quality SMS services, we are dedicated towards customer satisfaction. We have been highly acclaimed by industry experts. During our journey for excellence we have been awarded by reputed organisations many times.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is bulk SMS service?

The SMS process where commercial messaging platforms are used to broadcast SMS in Bulk to mobile phones. It is mostly used by big/small enterprises, banks, local/international brands and more, for different purposes including but not limited to business communication, mobile banking and marketing etc.

How can I use Bulk SMS Service?

Register your account with Bulk SMS System. Once registered you’ll receive access to the bulk SMS portal. Enter SMS data, sender ID and recipient numbers, hit send. Voila! Our trusted system will deliver SMS to every phone on your list.

How do companies send bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is sending big number of SMS at once for marketing, branding or any other purpose. In India easiest way to do this is by partnering with SMS platform like ours and sending bulk SMS with just one click. To facilitate all this we deal with the telecom operator, buy SMS in bulk and make things hustle free for you.

Do you add any text to my messages?

No, we do not add any text to client messages. Other agencies may add text for advertising purpose, that in turn reduces the maximum character limit, but we avoid this practice.

How much does bulk SMS cost?
 Quantity Price in Paisa / sms Amount in Rs (INR)
 1 Lac SMS 12.0 Paisa  12,000
 2 Lac SMS 11.0 Paisa  23,000
 5 Lac SMS 10.0 Paisa  50,000

Our Process

Our services are aimed for businesses that want better promotional broadcasting, we excel at sending bulk SMS to better your brand with least possible cost.

SMS Scheduling
SMS Scheduling
Real time status updates
Real time status updates
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Filtered/Customised Data
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Support 24/7
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