How does Bulk SMS Boost sales?

How does Bulk SMS Boost sales?

Suppose there is a user Ramesh who Wants to buy new pair of shoes.

He decides to visit Local Shoe Shop. Ramesh Buys a pair & really likes the shoes on Offer so he joins the loyalty scheme of the shop. Ramesh receives thanks SMS send with Bulk SMS System Panel.

The Shops POS is integrated with via API provided by Bulk SMS System. Ramesh is Happy with his shoes but he has not visited the shop for last 6 weeks. The CRM panel provided by Bulk SMS System automatically got duplicated by the system.

System is aware that Ramesh has not returned for 6 weeks and automatically send a discount SMS. The voucher compels Ramesh to visit the store again which in turn builds relationship between business and consumer. Ramesh redeems the voucher and makes another purchase

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